Monday, May 18, 2009



Driven by an incredibly strong craving for Korean food, I made my first attempt at making bibimbap (a popular Korean dish that literally means "mixed rice") last Friday. I must say that it turned out FANTASTIC :) Sure, it was a very labor intensive meal (LOTS of chopping and I sadly do not own any kind of "chop wizard" or the like) and it took me like two hours to prep/cook everything, but it was soooo worth it (not to mention much, much cheaper than if we had gone out!).

Ingredients (listed clockwise in picture below):
- Sauteed shitake mushrooms
- Sauteed carrots
- Sauteed zuchini
- Fried egg
- Cooked seasoned bean sprouts
- Cooked seasoned spinach
- Bulgogi (marinated Korean BBQ sliced very, very thin; I got this pre-sliced/marinated from the awesome Kim's Mart in downtown Davis. My trusty electric grill did all the work once I got it home)
- Cooked white rice (not pictured)
- Gochujang (not pictured; seasoned Korean chili paste, also from Kim's Mart; a must have for this dish!)

What it looks like when it's all assembled.

YUM!! :)


  1. Wow, that looks SO GOOD! And I have 40 minutes until lunch, thanks a lot!