Saturday, January 17, 2009


Washi Eggs

I made these eggs for Ryan's dad, Jim, for Christmas two years ago, after learning that he collects decorative eggs. Since I had never made - or even heard of - Washi eggs before, I had pretty much no idea what I was getting myself into when I ordered the kit online.

Wooden eggs (in kit)
Wooden egg stands (in kit)
Chiyogami paper (decorative Japanese paper - in kit)
Gloss finishing glaze (in kit)
Paint brush (in kit)
Craft glue

After a whole lot of cutting and pasting, here are my finished products.

Want to make your own? Here's where you can get a kit.

I bet it would be super badass if someone made a bunch of them and displayed them in a nice, big glass bowl with a really wide mouth. I actually thought about doing that, but then I remembered how long each egg took me, and that was the end of that brilliant idea.

One of these days, though...


  1. dude.. that's something i would never think to make. an omelet maybe =)

    sometime in the distant future we will have time and apartment/house space for a big bowl of balls...

  2. I like your profile picture - the bear covering his eyes LOL! Did you make that?

  3. It's a MONKEY covering his eyes!!!!! >_< But yup, I made him. The rule is I can only put stuff on this blog that I made myself :)

  4. Oh, uh right...I didn't look close enough! I thought it was a teddy bear covering his eyes LOL! Either way, good work :)