Tuesday, January 6, 2009



Quilling is just a fancy word for twirling paper. With enough patience - and strips of paper - you can really whip up with some pretty neat stuff!

Colored paper strips
Quilling tool
White craft glue
Toothpick (to apply the glue)
Googly eyes

The tape you see on the backs of these creations was used to secure them to the multimedia shelf on which they were displayed. Only teeny bits of glue were used the put the animals together.


Here's the Valentine's Day card I made for my boyfriend, Ryan, last year. You can flatten or pucker the lips by pulling on or squishing the sides of the paper. It's really pretty cool (and really creepy if you hold it right over your mouth and look at yourself in the mirror).

1 sheet double sided origami paper
That's it!

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